Navigate Menopause With Wisdom, Strength, and Sisterly Support

What if you viewed menopause more as a birthright than a burden? An awakening rather than a fading? A graceful transition instead of an uncomfortable challenge?

This one-of-a-kind journey provides you with hours of engaging education and guidance, sisterly inspiration, cutting-edge menopause support supplements, and community connection, all to help you prepare for and navigate the unpredictable stages and symptoms of menopause with confidence and grace.

As you move through this educational journey and immerse yourself in the Golden Hour community and supplements, you’ll gain:


— about what’s happening physically and emotionally to your body and how to support it.


— knowing you have control of your menopause experience, rather than the other way around.


— that menopause and aging is not something to fear, but instead is a powerful opportunity to embrace beauty, radiance, and purpose in a new and luminous way.

Menopause Support By Women For Women

This immersive journey supports any and all women transitioning through each stage of menopause. Whether you’re feeling a bit “off”—wondering if perimenopause might be a factor, or if you are fully in the midst of your menopausal transformation, Golden Hour is your personal gateway to viewing menopause with greater awareness and navigating it with more empowerment and ease.

Hours of Engaging Education

Explore topics like hormones, pelvic floor health, Chinese medicine perspective, Ayurvedic wisdom, wombspace, intimacy, letting go of stories, and embracing the queen within. This inspiring content is paired with guided meditations and personal revelations, all delivered by inspiring women from various stages of menopause.

Holistic Supplement Support

The Golden Hour Journey brings you a cutting-edge supplement system designed by Naba’s partner, Quicksilver Scientific. These deeply effective, all-natural supplements are formulated to support energy and hormone balance, restorative rest, radiant skin, and more enjoyable intimacy.

Community Of Women

Connect with a private community of real women who openly share their personal experiences and professional expertise as they guide you through this dynamic, and at times tricky, season of life. Join ongoing live classes, voice your questions, and personally connect with other women moving through menopause and the Golden Hour journey together.

Naba Membership

Discover the Natural Art of Being Alive. With your Golden Hour journey purchase, you receive a one-year membership subscription to the Naba community. With your membership, you’ll have access to a dynamic array of transformational full-length and mini-courses, live events, course clubs, and discounted premium botanical supplements that are all expertly curated to nourish the mind, body, and soul.

All of this and more is exclusively available on our iOS and Android app.

The Women of Golden Hour

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Golden Hour Journey

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Our cutting-edge Golden Hour System is meticulously designed to enhance hormone health, boost radiance, and provide steady energy. The system includes one of each: Core Hormone Support, Peace Progesterone Serum, Facial Beauty Serum, Vaginal Beauty Serum, and our popular Adaptogenic Blend.

Naba Membership + Exclusive Golden Hour Access: Unlock your potential with our Golden Hour Access, which offers:

  • Over 19+ educational and inspiring Golden Hour Modules
  • Guided meditations for deep inner awareness
  • A private community for ongoing support
  • Weekly virtual live events with Golden Hour experts

Choose your membership type below, and prepare to elevate your health and wellness journey with Naba today:

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