Meet Veronica Kelly

For more than 10 years, Veronica has helped clients to create a life they love through connecting deeply with self love. She helps them shed limiting beliefs and create the emotional freedoms needed to attract their greatest wants and accomplish sought after goals. 

Her professional training has been inspired by her personal experience of coping with and overcoming childhood instability, addiction, and emotional trauma. Early in her life, Veronica struggled with deep-seated feelings of unworthiness, self betrayal, and needs to numb her emotions. 

Magnificent change occurred when she discovered the life-changing power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT taught Veronica how to release old traumas and reprogram her beliefs—leading to relationship improvements with her finances, friends, family, partners, and most importantly herself.

Certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques and mindset coaching, Veronica has dedicated herself to helping others shed emotional baggage, heal from emotional wounds, and revitalize self-love and self-belief so that they may lead fulfilling, purposeful lives.

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Level Up Your Life With More Self Love

$99.00 USD

In this four-lesson course, you will experience the power of the Emotional Freedom Technique and connect deeply with your authentic self-love. Guided by videos, workbooks, and intimate homework assignments, you will surrender your limiting beliefs. You will align with the self-love that simmers within. You will cultivate the self-compassion and self-confidence needed to build emotional resilience, foster positive relationships, and flourish personally and professionally.

Level Up Your Life With More Self-Love is for you if you are seeking to: 

  • Attract the life you desire and deserve
  • Design a pathway to healthier relationships with money, love, community, and well-being
  • Move through and surrender old wounds, traumas, and limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to love yourself, deeply and compassionately
  • Discover the benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique 


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