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Are you looking to increase your inner radiance, peace and overall vitality? Would you like to expand your understanding of the qualities of the Buddhas and the various blessings they bestow? Would you like to deepen your current meditation practice or are you looking for a powerful system of meditation to help you establish a regular practice? 

This course is a beautiful gateway into exploring how the qualities of various Buddhas can offer a pathway to achieving enlightenment and grace in your lifetime. Each lesson and corresponding meditation is carefully crafted to assist you in a particular process of healing, blessing and expanding into your Buddha nature.

Course Takeaways

This course offers an accelerated path for connecting with the energy of enlightenment. In this completely unique combination of synergistic meditations you will gain a fresh understanding of how to engage with the healing nature of the Buddhas. This connection opens the door to feeling deeper peace, presence, personal potential and overall expression of your inner radiance. 

Receive Full Body Blessings from the Buddhas 

Learn how to connect the powerful nature of the Buddhas to your personal energy centers to stimulate healing, expansion and profound transformation in your life and in the world around you.

Release Emotional and Mental Blocks

Many of the meditations in this course are designed to assist you in releasing the emotional and mental energy that is preventing you from deepening your experiences in meditation and daily life. Discover inner freedom and expansion as you move through these powerful meditations.

Achieve a State of Balanced to Magnify Your Potential

Through the teachings of breath work and postures combined with the blessings brought through each meditation, you will awaken a deeper expression of your pure energy, inner radiance and strength.

Embrace Blessings of Abundance & Protection

As you move through the meditation practices offered here, you will learn to invoke the protective energies of the Buddhas and gain an understanding of how to boost your magnetizing energy to attract the type of abundance you truly desire.

Course Curriculum

BUDDHAFICATION  Is a completely unique, synergistic combination of several meditations designed to balance your energies and accelerate the development of the Rainbow Body.

Module 1: The Buddhas, Dan Tians and the Rainbow Path

In this lesson, Daniel introduces the unique qualities of several powerful Buddhas and how their energy can bring about beautiful transformations combined with the body’s power centers, known as the Dan Tians.

Module 2: BUDDHAFICATION Meditation

This meditation is the powerful heart of this course. Daniel guides you through a deep process of connection with key Buddhas, channeling their blessings through the Dan Tians. This mediation is the foundation for achieving the Rainbow Body.

Module 3: Foundational Meditations & Buddha Fields Blessing

The foundational meditations presented in the remaining modules, including the Buddha Fields Blessing found in this module, are designed to cleanse the body and raise its vibration in support and preparation for the weekly BUDDHAFICATION meditation presented earlier in the course. Buddha Fields Blessing accelerates loving, joyful energy.

Module 4: Buddha Fields Healing Sanctuary

The healing energy offered in this meditation is especially helpful if you are stressed, emotional or lack clarity. This experience will help release emotional blockages and obstructive thoughts, thus opening up the psychic pathways that lead to greater balance in the emotional and mental bodies.

Module 5: The Taoist Seven Horses 

If you are feeling tired or physically imbalanced, this meditation offers wonderful support. Each of the seven horses brings an energy that balances the body’s organs and all the cells of the body, leaving your energy full of the vibrant color essential to the path of the Rainbow Body.

Module 6: Amitayus Longevity 

This powerful meditation offers balance to each of the body’s five elements while maximizing your human potential and ability to receive great blessings of abundance. Through this process you will find a deeper connection to the Buddhas.

Module 7: Vajra Armor 

Here you are given a great tool of protection. The Vajra Armor can be used to shield you,  your relations and your endeavors with brilliant blessings of light. Repeating this mantra meditation regularly will dramatically increase its protective energy.

Module 8: Wealth Accumulation

This powerful meditation practice will help you develop magnetizing energy that can be used to increase your attraction of the currency needed to sustain quality of life on the physical plane. A wonderful practice to engage in at the start of the day or just prior to important meetings.

Module 9: Breathing and Tibetan Longevity Exercises

Pranayama breathing techniques to energize and oxygenate the body while cleansing physical and emotional toxins. And the Tibetan Five Rites exercises charge the chakras and promote strength, clarity and overall vitality. 

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Buddhafication: Achieving Enlightenment In This Lifetime

$150.00 USD

In this course, Daniel offers a fresh perspective on meditating with the energies of the Buddhas. His long-standing experience with meditation and the spiritual path have inspired this simple, yet profound offering. Daniel is a gentle, encouraging, and approachable guide for his students as he leads them through an understanding of this practice and the meditative experiences he has crafted.

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About Daniel O’hara

When I was young, martial arts were my passion and I sought out martial arts masters to teach me about the elusive and mystical energy known as chi.  A couple months before the Crash of ‘87, I entered the world of finance and became a stockbroker (youngest in Dean Witter history) and commodity trader at the young age of only 19. 

My martial arts training didn’t provide me the tools to combat the overwhelming stress and pressures of being a commodities trader.  After several years in this field, headaches, digestive issues and hypertension led me to learn an energy healing system.  About a year later, I ended up teaching Master Choa’s Energy Healing system in nine states and over the following 16yrs, helped facilitate the healing of thousands of people (including many famous collegiate and professional athletes from the NFL/NBA/UFC). And for nearly 25 years I have led a weekly meditation group that has grown to be the largest in Orange County, CA and logged over 1,000 nights of group practice.

Master Choa taught us high-level spiritual practices from the major religions and inspired me to share light, wisdom, and empowerment with all.  In a sequence similar to how I received BUDDHAFICATION, was inspired to write three different book series. I’ve authored six books in total, Buddha Fields, Buddha for Addictions, Christ’s Castle, Krishna’s Kingdom, Tantric Golf and Enlightened Law.