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This course offers a powerful rebirth, a resurrection if you will, of your inner light. In SHE RISE: Reclaiming Feminine Power, Purpose and Pleasure, Lisa McCardle leads you on a journey of self-discovery and divine awakening that will leave you more vital, alive, connected and turned on than you have been for a long time.

Course Takeaways

Are you feeling exhausted and invisible? Like you’ve lost your shimmer, shine and the mojo you once had? Perhaps you are at the midlife intersection with so much behind you, yet so much living ahead of you. Are you longing to really live these next chapters? Or maybe you feel like you’ve lost your sensual radiance, perhaps it even feels as if it is so far behind you that you almost don't even care anymore, like you've given up hope? 

Join Lisa on a journey of awakening and renewal as you open up to your Divine Feminine essence to ignite your radiance, intuitive flow and soul’s magic. 

Harness Your True Feminine Power

Expand your intuition and lean into nurturing self care practices that open you to greater receptivity. Learn to embrace the qualities of the divine feminine and use them to achieve your goals, inspire others, and create positive change in your life.

Reconnect to Your Inner Wisdom 

Drop into a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and develop a greater sense of self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance. Learn how your inner wisdom will guide you to more fulfilling relationships and open more ease and joy in your daily life.

Release Exhaustion and Burnout 

Learn to exchange the common processes of over efforting, over giving and over generating for an experience of magnetic receptivity and nurturing flow. This new way of being will enable you to attract greater wealth, success, and opportunities into your life with the ease and grace of the feminine way.

Embrace Your Sensuality and Sexuality 

The divine feminine longs to express through sensuality and sexuality, charging her inherent magnetic and nurturing qualities. Discover healthy and empowering ways to express your true sensuality and embrace intimacy and fulfillment in all of your relationships.

Course Curriculum

Lisa is a warm, knowledgeable and inspiring guide into the world of the Divine Feminine. Every step is carefully crafted to bring her students into a profound connection with themselves and their own sacred nature.

Introduction: What is the Divine Feminine?

Begin your journey into the Divine Feminine by learning the basic qualities that are essential for its expression. Jump right in with Lisa as she shares what the Divine Feminine means, how it got distorted and why it is important to awaken to this power now. 

Module 1: Saying Hello to Your Inner Goddess

Here you will learn practical tools to help you become fiercely present as you reclaim the true feminine essence that is alive within you. Lisa shows you how to use these tools to transform your relationship to yourself and awaken the Goddess within. 

Module 2: Cultivating the Conduit of Connection and Selfcare

Self-care and receptive flow are critical to the expression of the Divine Feminine. In this module, you will learn ways to move yourself into greater connection with your inner wisdom so you can begin to prioritize yourself over outside demands.

Module 3: Awakening Your Inner Wisdom and Feminine GPS System

Intuition is your GPS, guiding you every step of the way. Your greatest knowing already lives within you and this module will bring you into a stronger relationship with your inner voice. Here you’ll learn to trust, follow and flow with your innate wisdom. 

Module 4: Release to RISE: Healing the Feminine Wounds

Rising is difficult when holding on to the weight of the past. Continue the journey with Lisa as she walks you through processes to identify and release wounds from past experiences, familial beliefs and even wounds carried from other lifetimes. Forgiveness and healing of the past sets you and everyone else free.

Module 5: Art of Devotional through Ritual and Ceremony

The Divine Feminine has always been strengthened through ritual, ceremony and community. This module will help you awaken your feminine expression and activate a greater connection through ancient practices designed to strengthen and expand the Divine Feminine within you. 

Module 6: Ancient Feminine Wisdom, Sex Magic and Manifestation

Through ancient temple arts, you will learn to circulate and work with the creative energy found in the womb space. Here, Lisa shows you practices to ignite manifestation on a cellular level, amplifying your power to attract what you most desire into material form.

Module 7: Aligning Your Divine Purpose as Service

In this final module you will explore your unique soul purpose and begin to understand the ways you can best serve others, as well as your own continued awakening. You will begin understanding ways to bring all of the teachings and transformation you have received to the place of your greatest service in the world.  

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SHE RISE: Reclaiming Feminine Power, Purpose and Pleasure

$150.00 USD

This course offers a powerful rebirth, a resurrection if you will, of your inner light. In SHE RISE: Reclaiming Feminine Power, Purpose, and Pleasure, Lisa McCardle leads you on a journey of self-discovery and divine awakening that will leave you more vital, alive, connected, and turned on than you have been for a long time.

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About Lisa McCardle

Creator of Inner Wisdom Awakening, Lisa McCardle is a Internationally Best Selling Author of the Palace of Light, Award-winning Speaker, Master Quantum Healer, Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Light Council Channel. For nearly 30 years, Lisa has guided high-powered executives, influencers, seekers and everyday people through the process of awakening for expansion, finding true purpose and reclaiming personal power for higher service the feminine way. She is a sacred teacher, an ambasary of remembrance, who stands as a bridge between the veils of time to raise the feminine up to reclaim her priestess queen codes and holy service to the golden age birth of the New Earth. 

Lisa holds certifications from Theta Healing Institute, International Association of Women In Coaching®, Money Breakthrough Method Coaching®,Guided Meditation, Angel Therapy, Quantum Healing and several modalities of Energy Medicine. She is an initiate of the Priestess Pathway of the Rose Temple lineage and is a keeper of the ancient temple codes. She is passionate about supporting souls to plug back into the source of which they were created, to awaken their remembrance, and activate their fullest potential so the magic of their most extraordinary life can unfold effortlessly before them.