There are few greater joys than watching your child grow before your very eyes. 

One of the key developments in any parent-child relationship is growth in speech and language skills. But sometimes communication and language learning can be a struggle. When these communication challenges occur for the child you love and adore, it’s heartbreaking and can lead to tension and stress. 

Teaching Your Toddler To Talk While Maintaining Your Peace empowers parents and caregivers to jump from wondering what to do to help their child to talk to using playful, practical speech therapy strategies in everyday routines. These strategies and activities will help you and your child make real progress, and transition feelings of overwhelm and confusion to confidence and achievement.

Course Takeaways

Helping Your Toddler Talk is designed to improve your child’s communication and language skills while minimizing your stress and worry.

Unlock Language Skills With Playful Learning Activities

Learn visual, music and song, and sign language activities that will fit seamlessly into your daily routines.

Peace Of Mind For Parents

Parents and caregivers learn simple-to-follow stress-relief techniques that alleviate overwhelm and worry and foster environments of safety and love for children.

Build Strategies That Work For You & Your Child

You’ll identify motivations that will keep you excited during the course and inspire consistent practice after completion.

Course Curriculum

As a teacher and speech pathologist, one of Laura’s greatest strengths is her natural ability to empathize with struggles, while encouraging confidence in parent’s capabilities to help their child grow in meaningful ways. 

Creating a learning space that is welcoming and open, Laura is the biggest fan of you and the child you love with all your heart. Throughout each chapter, Laura will be a supportive guide, providing encouragement, advice, and activities that will help you and your child build a language-learning strategy that works for your situation and daily routines.

Supported by the course’s Parent Book, each lesson features in-depth video content, workbook material, and personalized activities.

Lesson One: How We Spend Our Days

In chapter one, you’ll identify your motivation for taking this course and for working with your child. You’ll become aware of the opportunities to practice language learning throughout each day.

Lesson Two: Visuals

Chapter two is centered on visual learning for your child. You’ll gain an understanding of the power of using visuals, what types of visuals are most effective, and how to implement them as a learning tool in your everyday routines.

Lesson Three: Sign Language & Gestures (Part I)

Sign language is one of the most effective ways to enhance early development communication and build vocabulary. In chapter three you’ll learn Power Signs that will reinforce mutual communication and help reduce communication breakdowns.

Lesson Four: Sign Language & Gestures (Pt: II - Beyond Power Words)

In chapter four, you’ll learn signs and gestures for verbs and other common words that can be easily incorporated into your everyday communication activities.

Lesson Five: Language Modeling

Toddlers love examples, hints, and guidance. In chapter five, you’ll learn the six keys of being an effective language model and increase your awareness of when and how often to use these keys when interacting with your child.

Lesson Six: Music (Part I)

Music is not only a fun activity to enjoy with your child, but it also plays a significant role in language learning for toddlers. In chapter six, you’ll:

  • Learn the common elements between speech and music
  • Recognize how to use elements of music to model language
  • Learn how to incorporate music/rhythmic speech into your daily routines
Lesson Seven: Songs (Music Pt. II)

Songs can be bonding and are a great way to make learning words, phrases, and language fun. In the final chapter, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of the types of songs that support language learning
  • Learn how to adapt familiar songs into language learning activities
  • Access songs to start implementing into your daily routines

About Laura Montesano

Laura Montesano is a pediatric speech-language pathologist and music therapist. For more than 20 years she has worked intimately with young children and families in the home, witnessing their struggles, and guiding them through fun-filled activities and strategies toward speech and language learning success and celebration.

Studying and practicing Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for over 15 years, she has incorporated these tools into her practice to help alleviate the stress that parents endure when their child is struggling to talk and communicate.

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Helping Your Toddler Talk While Maintaining Your Peace

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Helping Your Toddler Talk is designed to improve your child’s communication and language skills while minimizing your stress and worry.

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