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Be Here For This Now: The Possibilities of Presence

Unlock the transformative power of the present moment with Ravi Rothenberg, your guide to a life filled with greater energy, deeper connections, and a more vibrant sense of well-being. In this course, you'll embark on a journey towards true presence, gaining the tools and insights you need to fully embrace THIS moment.

Course Takeaways

Are you ready to live life to the fullest? To embrace each moment with open arms and a clear mind? Join Ravi Rothenberg on this transformative journey of personal growth as you learn to tap into the power of true presence.

Energize Your Every Moment

Learn how to infuse each moment with vitality and presence. Discover techniques to boost your energy, banish fatigue, and approach life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Unleash your inner potential for sustained energy and aliveness.

Healing & Transformation

Explore the art of healing past wounds and transcending traumatic experiences. Gain practical insights and tools to release emotional baggage, cultivate resilience, and move beyond the limitations of your history.

Deeper Connections, Greater Fulfillment

Delve into the secrets of building more meaningful relationships, both with yourself and others. Experience a profound shift in the quality of your relationships and uncover a deeper sense of fulfillment in your interactions.

About the Creator

Ravi Rothenberg is a transformational coach, an embodiment facilitator, a yoga teacher, and a trauma-aware space holder. Through his journey he's realized that almost all elements of personal, spiritual, and emotional growth lead us to one place: the present moment. In this present moment, he's the author of Ready to Rise: How to Find Your Path to Peace and Purpose. In this present moment, as a new dad, he's now creating The Conscious Dad Collective, a place to empower those walking the path of fatherhood to have the connections, resources, and community to be integrated leaders of themselves and present role models for their families. 

Zooming out, he's a heart-centered beacon for intergenerational healing with a purpose deeply rooted in sharing the powers of a regulated nervous system while also making self actualization a light and inspiring journey. He's currently based in Colorado and enjoys spending quality time with family and friends in nature. 

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Be Here for THIS Now: The Possibilities of Presence

$49.00 USD

Join us on a transformative journey with 'Be Here Now: The Path to True Presence.' Led by Ravi Rothenberg, a trusted guide in personal growth and mindfulness, this course offers the keys to unlocking your inner potential and cultivating a lasting presence. Dive into the art of mindful living, heal past wounds, and forge deeper connections with yourself and others. If you're ready to infuse each moment with vitality and purpose, this course is your gateway to a more vibrant, fulfilling life. Embrace the power of now and enroll today.

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