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Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to channel your core values and strengths that simmer within to develop a winning attitude, break through fears and worry, and lead a more fulfilling, confident life.

In Know Your Core—Know Your Soul: Living Your Best Intuitive Life, Alex takes you on a deep dive into practical ways to jump-start better ways to lead and live your life. 

Course Takeaways

Do you lack faith in yourself and your abilities? Is insecurity and fear setting you back? 

Is progress in your personal or professional life hindered by feelings of overwhelm and lack of confidence? Join Alex and craft a personalized process to navigate life's peaks and valleys with resilience, unwavering self-belief, and trust in your core intuition and wisdom.

Navigate Challenges With Confidence

Life is a rollercoaster, filled with ups, downs, and plenty of twists. Identify challenges as opportunities for personal growth. Learn how to recognize and rise above obstacles and blocks with grace and ease.

Live Fully. Love Always. Laugh Often.

Often overlooked, these three principles are keys to improving well-being, solidifying resilience, and sustaining a positive mindset. Embracing these principles will help you unlock a greater sense of fulfillment and serve as a critical resource for motivation and everyday inspiration.

Discover Your Winning Attitude

Your attitude plays a key role in shaping your reality, attracting opportunities, and achieving goals—big and small. Create your winning attitude action plan guided by clear and specific habits and daily steps.

Course Curriculum

As a teacher and mentor, one of Alex’s biggest strengths is creating a learning space that is encouraging, positive, and honest. Within this healthy classroom environment, students can more easily generate detailed awareness about their current struggles and wants, and investigate areas they’d like to improve. Every step of the way, Alex is a trusting guide, providing information and practical guidance that jump-starts better confidence and self-belief, and ways to sustain both daily.

What's Included:

  • In-Depth Video Lessons (63m)
  • 7 Step-by-Step Modules
  • Online and At Your Own Pace
  • Available on All Devices
Lesson One: Creating Faith in Yourself

Alex always says, “When we have faith in ourselves, it allows our soul to blossom.”

A spot-on reflection to jump-start the course, lesson one helps you to understand what you have faith in, why faith in yourself may waver, and ways to unlock and channel self-faith on the good days and turbulent ones.

Lesson Two: Insecurity & Fear

In lesson two you’ll be putting in some work outside of your norm and step into an area that can be rather uncomfortable. But taking this step is paramount to a fundamental change in mindset and behavior. Throughout this lesson, Alex helps you to identify how to live from within and transition fears into opportunities and motivation.

Lesson Three: Worry Be Gone

Although perfectly natural, everything in worry holds you back. Like a dark cloud, it blocks intuitive thought and problem-solving and prevents you from making clear and confident decisions. In lesson three, you’ll learn how to “relax and allow” your intuition and mind to weave its way around or through worry and build an optimistic attitude.

Lesson Four: Timing Life’s Opportunities

You’ve probably heard the cliche: It’s all about timing. In lesson four, Alex fills you in on a secret that the timing of things that you want to happen in your life begins with YOU and not external forces and circumstances.

Lesson Five: What Makes You Tick?

Dramatic changes in mindset, intuition, and accomplishment culminate all the little things you adopt and incorporate in your life. Lesson four is all about defining your intentions, making a practical plan to achieve those intentions, and practicing the necessary activities needed to get you closer to your goal each day.

Lesson Six: Understanding It Is a Marathon

In this penultimate lesson, you’ll learn the difference between an unsustainable quick fix and lasting change built upon a foundation of well-being practices and self-belief behaviors. Look forward to discovering how to deflect distractions and creating a marathon action plan that fits your needs and goals.

Lesson Seven: Life. Love. Laugh

Alex’s favorite lesson, and hopefully yours too, in lesson seven you’ll learn how living fully, laughing often, and loving unconditionally are the key elements to believing in yourself and opening up to your intuition.

About Alex Laws

A cancer survivor and business owner, endurance athlete, and motivational speaker, Alex has created successful methods to deal with the ups and downs of corporate and personal life, all while remaining true to his passion and compelling desire to inspire and work with others through sport and intuitive development.

His Live, Love, and Laugh principles support his teaching frameworks and action steps that are designed to uplift the human condition, generate confidence, and help channel the true essence of his students’ core wisdom, strength, and intuition.

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Know Your Core—Know Your Soul: Live Your Best Intuitive Life

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Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to channel the core values and strengths that simmer within to develop a winning attitude, break through fears and worry, and lead a more fulfilling, confident life. In Know Your Core—Know Your Soul: Living Your Best Intuitive Life, Alex takes a deep dive into practical ways to jump-start your life.

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