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About Hustle to Flow

Hustle to Flow is designed to help you break out of the constant cycle of burnout that’s so common amongst successful professionals today. It will give you real tools to find peace within your own nervous system, change the habits and circumstances that feed burnout, and cultivate a flow state anytime you want by tapping into your deepest inner truth.

Course Takeaways

You'll learn skills to self-regulate, gain awareness about your hustle triggers, and tools for releasing the drive to achieve for achievement’s sake, instead consciously cultivating a lifestyle where you create and act from a place of peace and joy and freedom within.

Reclaim Your Time, Rediscover Your Life

Escape the relentless grind of hustle and dive deep into flow. Unravel a world where your success isn't measured by societal metrics but by the alignment of your inner truth, where every moment is lived fully, and burnout is a thing of the past.

From Constant Hustle to Effortless Flow

 Immerse yourself in the Masterclass that's not about doing more, but about being more. Guided by a seasoned expert, step-by-step, you'll unlock the tools to transform not just your days, but your entire life. Discover the lifestyle of freedom and adventure you’ve yearned for – a lifestyle that doesn't wait for retirement but begins right now.

Your Blueprint to a Life Beyond Burnout

Imagine a world where your days are fueled by passion, not pressure. Where every action is inspired, and where burnout is just an old chapter in your life's story. Dive into the transformational experience that will help you transition from a life driven by the hustle to one that flows with purpose and passion.

Lessons (11)

Introduction (26m)

Welcome to Hustle to Flow with Megan Arneson

Connecting with Why (9m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment

Setting Intentions (12m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment

Energetic / Emotional Release (22m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment

Inner Voice (71m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment + Audio

Energetic Shift (5m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment

Writing the New Story (9m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment

Action from Inspiration (10m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment

ID'ing & Patching Energy Leaks (6m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment

Celebration as a Practice (6m)

Video Lesson + Written Assignment

About the Creator

Megan (spelled like “May-ghan” but rhymes with vegan) is a certified life coach with an MBA. As a certified Inner Voice Facilitator, a licensed WomanSpeak Circle Leader, and owner of a boutique lead generation business for coaches and healers, she knows a thing or two about hustle and its deep relationship to burnout. She’s made it her life’s mission to help people deconstruct the societal conditioning that teaches us all to question our own inner wisdom and knowing and to strive for worthiness.

After spending many years in marketing and communications, and as a consultant for businesses big and small, she opted out of “the hustle” once and for all after finding her ultimate joy working with individuals and small groups on unwinding the nervous system coding that keeps us stuck and not operating in our highest power. 

Megan is the host of the FUCK the HUSTLE podcast. She’s been living the last six years as a full-time digital nomad and spends as her time outdoors away from screens, embodying the Fuck the Hustle lifestyle as much as possible.

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HUSTLE to FLOW: Breaking the Cycle of Burnout

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Certified Coach and MBA, Megan Arneson, teaches how to break the destructive cycle of burnout, consciously cultivate flow states, and make life decisions from your deepest truth.

What's Included:

  • In-Depth Video Lessons (2h 4m)
  • 10 Step-by-Step Modules
  • Two Downloadable Audio Meditations
  • Step-by-Step PDF Guide
  • Online and At Your Own Pace
  • Available on All Devices