Our NABA Studios Creator Package makes creating an online course a seamless and stress-free experience. 

We take pride in handling the production and technical development of each course so our course creators can concentrate on what matters most— positively impacting the lives of students through their valuable wisdom and expert training.

The NABA Studios Creator Package package includes a suite of course development services that turn a course creator’s vision into reality.

Unparalleled Course Creation

  • Access to course creation liaison
  • Course framework and material planning
  • Premier-quality video filming & production
  • Complete Learning Management website buildout
  • Marketing & email campaign development
  • App course buildout


In the pre-production phase, the NABA Studios team will help you cultivate the vision for your course and support the development of teaching frameworks and lesson materials that will be the foundation for your course.

Each course creator can expect to receive:

  • Onboarding and planning meetings
  • Course outline template
  • Course workbook template
  • Course filming template
  • Course development support & consultations

Film Production

NABA Studios course creators get something most online teachers don’t. All course creator videos receive a premier Hollywood production look and feel that will elevate the course quality and captivate current and potential students. Our in-house film team brings decades of experience working on acclaimed television and movie productions and with high profile actors, performers, athletes, and musicians.

Regardless of your experiences, our team is equipped and prepared to elevate your on- camera presence and delivery. Most importantly, we’re here to have an absolute blast on set as you create a beautiful and impactful course to share with the world. 

Just a few of the perks of a NABA Studios video shoot include:

  • Two-camera rolling shoot 
  • Multi mic setup
  • Multiple set beauty lights
  • Modern, sleek boutique studio setting
  • Director guidance and encouragement 

Post Production

The meticulous development of a creator’s course site and the innovative video editing are what solidify the commitment and dedication our team takes to ensure each creator’s course is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Just a few services we provide during post-production include:

  • Proofreading and review of workbook and written course material
  • Course layout and build on our learning management  platform
  • Complete post-filming video editing
  • Review consultations

What's Included?

To support a creator’s course goals there are tons of learning activity and marketing add-on options creators may build into their NABA Studios Course Package.

See Below

Social Media Launch Package

  • Five (5) Promotional Course Reels
  • Five (5) Quote Cards
  • Three (3) Story Posts
  • Three (3) Image Carousels


  • Full-Body + Headshots Options
  • Three (3) Poses

NABA Interview + Advertise Plug

  • 20 minute in studio interview w/ NABA Founder & CEO, Austin Tice
  • Videos will be posted on NABA social profile + advertised through all NABA social channels

Course Interactions

  • Creators have the option to build a variety of learning assignments and assessments into their course

For Example: Text-based responses, multiple choice questions, journal entries, and engagement protocols.

Additional Creator Add-Ons

Ancillary Filming: Creators have the option to have us film multiple promo videos and custom videos for use on their websites or social media. 

Hair/Makeup: On-set hair and makeup artist

Teleprompter: Creators have the option of having a teleprompter during filming. 

Value Based on Market Price


How Do I Get Started?

We're here to help you create a beautiful and impactful course that you can share with the world. With our comprehensive package and experienced team, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you're about to launch an amazing course you can be proud to show off and sell.

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